2015 Northeast Regional Meeting


The exhibition will be held for two full days on Thursday, June 11 and Friday, June 12, 2015 from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm in Williams Hall, 2nd floor hall way. 

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Advion (Booth # 11)

  With over 20 years of mass spectrometry and chemistry expertise, Advion offers the expression family of compact mass spectrometers designed for the chemist. The affordability, small size and ease-of-use make them ideal for use directly at the chemist’s bench, giving immediate answers and informed decisions instead of waiting in line at a central analytical service laboratory. Quickly and effortlessly analyze samples from Flash chromatography, Prep-LC, SFC, TLC, (U)HPLC, or manual syringe injection. Now every synthetic chemist can have a mass spec that works the same hours that they do. Learn more at www.expressioncms.com

Agilent Technologies (Booth # 4)


Agilent Technologies is a leading provider of sample preparation, chromatography, mass spectrometry, elemental analysis, molecular spectroscopy, and laboratory information systems as well as support services, columns and consumables that enable you to analyze, confirm and quantify substances of interest with confidence from sample preparation to final report. Learn more www.agilent.com

Aldon Corporation (Booth # 7)

Aldon is celebrating 50 years of experience in custom blending and packaging of chemicals for the educational, laboratory and industrial market. With over 2,000 laboratory chemicals to meet your entire laboratory needs, Aldon Corporation manufactures educational kits for its own Innovating Science brand. You will find kits in a variety of scientific fields. Categories including: AP Chemistry, AP Biology, Environmental Chemistry, Forensic Science, Green Chemistry, Life Science, Consumer Science, General Chemistry, Microchemistry fields and more.

Alfa Aesar (Booth # 8)

Alfa Aesar, a Johnson Matthey Company, is a leading international manufacturer and supplier of research chemicals, metals and materials. With over 45,000 products listed in its main catalog, Alfa Aesar is the single source for customers’ chemical and material needs, from sizes for research to semi-bulk and bulk quantities.

Bruker Corporation (Booths # 9 and # 10)

  Bruker Offers a wide range of analytical instruments for a variety of applications. Our portfolio includes FT-IR, NMR, XRD, XRF, mass spectrometry and Gas Chromatography (GC) systems specially developed for scientific education purposes. The instruments are compact, powerful, robust, yet easy-to-use and are ideal for use by both students and experts in academic settings. 

Dynalon Labware (Booth # 13)

  Dynalon Labware® supplies Education and Science with single use and reusable plastic labware, custom fabricated products and benchtop equipment. Display items include the new Afon equipment brand, unique Baritainer® Jerry Cans and a selection of PTFE fluoropolymer consumables. Dynalon products are used in chemistry laboratories throughout North America.  

GenTech Scientific, Inc. (Booth # 6)

  Why buy new when you don't have to? GenTech Scientific supplies high quality refurbished GC, HPLC, MS, SEM/TEM, LC/MS and ICP/MS instrumentation. We offer customized training, expert service, depot repair and professional installation. Rent, lease or purchase. We provide the options you need to equip your lab for less.

HORIBA (Booth # 18)

HORIBA Scientific provides Raman, Fluorescence and modular spectroscopy solutions. Featured technologies include the most sensitive steady state and TCSPC lifetime spectrofluorometers, hybrid or modular Raman, transmission Raman, and Raman spectrometers, light sources, scientific imaging EMCCD and BMOS cameras, CCD and PDA mini spectrometers, deep cooled CCD cameras and back-and-front-illuminated CCD detectors. 

Interchim (Booth # 14)

 Interchim is a global company, which manufactures chromatography products to support purification, analytical and sample preparation in the field of life science.  Purification instruments are capable of running Flash and Prep HPLC in a single unit.  Enhanced detection includes MS, ELSD, UV-Vis and RI.  All units are well suited for supporting organic synthesis and bio-purification.  The column product range is comprised of Flash, Prep HPLC, SPE, and HPLC.   The company has introduced high efficiency Flash Cartridges which provide 5x higher loading than traditional Flash columns.  Flash columns are available in 30 different bonded phase for normal and reverse phase, ion-exchange and chiral chromatography.  The company continues to introduce innovative products to support the demands of speed and efficiency for discovery and analytical chemists.

LabTech, Inc. (Booth # 16)

LabTech is a global technology company that supplies laboratorial products and solutions to analytical laboratories. Our major products include organic/inorganic sample preparation systems, laboratory cooling/heating equipment, and analytical instruments. As an ISO 9001 certified manufacturer, we strive to provide high quality products and services to customers. 

Magritek (Booth # 17)

  Magritek is a world leading company creating cryogen-free, compact NMR and MRI systems that work on the benchtop. Magritek is exhibiting Spinsolve, a revolutionary benchtop NMR spectrometer that provides exceptional performance in a low-cost, convenient and compact package. This advanced instrument includes 13C, 1H, 19F, and 31P capabilities as well as 2D methods such as HMQC, HSQC, HETCOR, COSY, and 2D JRES. It is ideal for chemistry education, synthetic chemists, reaction monitoring, industrial QA and QC. 

Pine Research Instrumentation (Booth # 2)

Pine Research Instrumentation manufactures a full line of affordable, durable and reliable electrochemical research equipment. 

  • Benchtop bipotentiostat/galvanostat and Portable USB potentiostat systems, controlled by our powerful AfterMath software package
  • Unique quartz electrochemical cells for photoelectrochemistry and spectroelectrochemistry
  • World leader in rotating disk, ring-disk, and cylinder electrode instrumentation
  • Compact voltammetry cells, featuring screen-printed patterned electrodes: quick and easy performance of routine electrochemical measurements

Scientific Instruments, Inc. (Booth # 5)

  Scientific Instruments, Inc. is a leading manufacturer of cryogenic temperature sensors, laboratory temperature indicators/controllers, and aerospace temperature probes & transducers. Building on almost 50 years of R&D and engineering experience, Scientific Instruments brings innovation and insight to multiple business areas including low temperature physics, Chemistry, defense, aerospace, systems engineering, and a wide variety of industrial markets.

Shimadzu Scientific Instruments (Booth # 3)

  Shimadzu provides a broad range of analytical instruments indispensable for research, development, and quality control in a variety of fields. Our high-level, sophisticated instruments include chromatographs, spectrometers, and elemental and surface analysis systems. We also provide a broad range of high-precision physical testing and measuring technology that is essential for product development and quality assurance.

TA Instruments (Booth # 15)

Visit TA Instruments for innovative technology in thermal analysis, rheology and microcalorimetry. We provide the highest accuracy and sensitivity measurements for polymers, organic and inorganic materials, and biological and life science characterization. Our new Discovery DSC and TGA deliver unparalleled accuracy for the most challenging measurements. 

Waters Corporation (Booth # 12)

  Waters Corporation creates business advantages for laboratory-dependent organizations by delivering scientific innovation to enable customers to make significant advancements. Waters helps customers make profound discoveries, optimize laboratory operations, deliver product performance, and ensure regulatory compliance with a connected portfolio of separations and analytical science, laboratory informatics, mass spectrometry, as well as thermal analysis.

Wilmad-LabGlass (Booth # 1)

  Willmad-LabGlass is an ISO 9001:2008 manufacturer of Precision Engineered custom, specialty glass and quartz fabricated products; NMR and EPR consumables and accessories for liquid-phase, solid-state and gas-phase NMR studies and L,S,X,Q and W Band EPR. Laboratory glassware and equipment for pharmaceutical, chemical, petrochemical, testing, production and more. Technical support and product development services. Repair of laboratory glassware.

We look forward to seeing you at NERM 2015!!!


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